Smart Carry-On Bag: Unveiling Travel Tech Marvels

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Bright lights and even brighter sparks characterize January in Las Vegas. We rounded up the best smart bags we saw at this year’s CES technology exhibition. Get ready to be amazed at how much technology can fit into a suitcase.

Ovis hands-free carry-on case

The robotics company Forward X has developed a smart carry-on bag that follows your every step. It is the first AI-powered case of its kind, and it employs computer vision technology, artificial neural network techniques, and multi-sensor fusion to navigate around obstacles and keep up with you as you go about your day.

Wearing a smart band will alert you if your case wanders more than six feet from your wrist. You can switch to manual mode with a single touch for usage on escalators and stairs. Dual USB charging outlets and a 93.6Wh replaceable battery are included.

It starts at $640.00 and comes in white, black, silver, and blue.


Samsara smart carry-on bag

This ultralight aluminum carry-on falsely believes it is a table for your laptop. The surface is smooth and flat, making it ideal for use as a desk. It also has a USB port for charging electronic devices (the latter up to 10 times). Multiple dividers and pouches inside facilitate orderly packing, and two locks ensure that your belongings will remain safely within.

When your bag leaves your sight, you can check its location and see whether it was opened with the use of a smartphone app.

It’s a lovely touch that the case lights itself when opened in the dark. You can get it in either black or silver for $345.

MORE INFO:  Samsara

Modobag – the bag that turns into a scooter

You can be carried by your Modobag. It transforms into a battery-powered scooter at the push of a button and, although being equipped with a lithium battery, weighs in at a relatively light 20 pounds. The telescoping handlebar makes it easy to reach the throttle, brake, and steering controls. As well as a soft seat for comfort. It includes two 5V USB ports and a side panel to store your laptop.

What is the maximum speed it can reach? A full charge will bring you from one end of the airport to the other, and at eight miles per hour, you’ll be able to go that distance without recharging. The price is $1,495.00.

MORE INFO: Modobag

Scoocase – the carry-on that turns into a scooter

This carry-on scooter is made of aluminum and has a solid compartment for a laptop. It’s very fast, too, with a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles per charge. The Scoocase comes with a mobile app that connects via Bluetooth and shows information like speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, energy usage, temperature, ballast, or RPN (revolutions per minute).

The app also has a map feature that indicates whether or not you will have enough juice to get there. If your case gets lost, the app will let you know so you can find it again. The scooter part can be detached and used as a skateboard.

MORE INFO: Scoocase

Travel Fanny Pack charges your devices

Fanny packs are great for travelers because they are more like a purse than a carry-on. Compact yet roomy enough to hold everything you need on the go. Because of this, they are now more useful than ever. Ampere’s Side Pocket is a completely wireless charging fanny pack for your next trip, featuring a 13,400mAh power bank that accepts wireless input and output.

A special compartment houses the power bank, and you can charge your device by slipping it into that compartment. It has a power bank battery indication display, key chain, and pen holder, as well as a cushioned back and exterior with waterproof zippers and a shell.

Starting January 18th, the black Fanny Travel Bag will be for sale, but if you’d like a yellow or navy bag, you can pre-order one now and get it in March of 2020. Costs $119.00


Luszol solar powered backpack

Luszol, situated in Miami, calls themselves industry leaders in solar technology and renewable energy. They developed a backpack that can charge your electronics with solar energy and a USB connector.

The backpack has a cushioned compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop, as well as separate compartments for a phone, glasses, and a water bottle. They recommend it for students and regular flyers.


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