12 Most Amazing Volcanoes in Indonesia

by Sarah Rizwan

Most of the world’s volcanoes can be found in the Indonesian archipelago because of its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a zone of intense seismic activity. There are around 17,000 islands in the country, and throughout them are 150 volcanoes, many of which are still active today.

These volcanoes are really magnificent works of nature, what with their raging calderas, sparkling crater lakes, and towering summits. Because of their greatness, several of them have been objects of adoration for generations. These once-inactive volcanoes are now popular vacation spots because of the spectacular hiking and outdoor adventures you can have there when they aren’t erupting.

12. Kelud

Smoke and Ash from Mount Kelud, East Java

Witness the billowing smoke and ash as they rise from Mount Kelud, as seen from Malang, in East Java, Indonesia. Image source: Agung Fatma Putra/Shutterstock.com

An active stratovolcano, Kelud is located in the eastern part of Java, the most populated island in the world, and is notorious for its frequent and powerful eruptions. The most recent of them was in 2014, when boulders and ash were sent as far as 500 km. With a peak that soars 1,731 meters, Kelud is a terrific trekking destination—when it isn’t covered in molten lava, that is.

Visitors can take in breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area from the crater’s rim, which are especially beautiful when the crater is filled with water at the end of a rainy season.

11. Ijen

Sunrise at Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

Behold the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise casting its golden glow over the panoramic view of Kawah Ijen in Indonesia. Image source: Mazur Travel/Shutterstock.com

While Ijen and the surrounding volcanoes, craters, and cones are impressive in and of themselves, the turquoise crater lake is the show-stopper. Ijen, one of only two sulfuric lakes in the world, has become a famous tourist destination due to its acidic waters.

Smoke and sulphur flames rising from the lake in the morning are a sight to see. Ijen, hidden away in eastern Java, is a sight to see. The summit of the volcano is at an elevation of 2,769.9 m.

10. Mount Batur

Sunrise at Mount Batur, Bali

Witness the magical sunrise illuminating the majestic Mount Batur in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia. Image source: franshendrik Tambunan/Shutterstock.com

Mount Batur is one of the most frequently visited volcanoes in all of Indonesia, and with good reason. Although this means that the trails are sometimes busy, the experience of seeing the sunrise from the 1,717-meter peak is really unique.

This is due to its location at the intersection of two concentric calderas, with a glistening crater lake below and the imposing Mount Agung in the background. Mount Batur, with its thick jungle covering its lower slopes and plenty of pure environment on display, is a paradise for ecotourists and adventurers.

9. Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Explore the mighty Mount Tambora, a volcanic peak that holds historical significance in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Image source: rynoise/Shutterstock.com

Mount Tambora, formerly among Indonesia’s largest mountains, shrank significantly after its catastrophic eruption in 1815 and currently stands at 2,850 meters in height. This was the worst volcanic eruption in recorded history, and its ash cloud altered global temperatures for years.

The formerly volatile mountain is now peaceful, secure, and constantly monitored, allowing tourists to explore its massive crater and take in breathtaking vistas from its peak. Even though Mount Tambora is located on an isolated peninsula on the island of Sumbawa and is surrounded by a humid rainforest, the trip is well worth it due to the amazing fauna and environment that can be seen there.

8. Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru Eruption in East Java

Witness the dramatic eruption of Mount Semeru as volcanic ash clouds billow into the sky in East Java, Indonesia. Image source: Kurniawan Rizqi/Shutterstock.com

Mount Semeru, which is frequently referred to as “the great mountain” by locals, is named after the mythological peak that resides in the center of the globe in Hinduism. It is the tallest mountain in Java at an impressive 3,676 meters, and it towers above the surrounding lowlands.

In terms of ecosystems, the magnificent stratovolcano is blessed: savannahs and flower-filled meadows coexist with rocky, arid regions. Ranu Kumbolo Lake, one of several stunning natural features, is a major draw for hikers to this area.

Mount Semeru’s magnificent smoke and steam plumes from its crater are well-known, and not only because of the mountain’s striking conical form.

7. Mount Sinabung

Sinabung Volcano Eruption at Sunrise

Marvel at the breathtaking scene of Sinabung volcano’s eruption as the sun rises in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Image source: FootageLab/Shutterstock.com

Mount Sinabung, in North Sumatra, was inactive for millennia until it dramatically erupted in 2010. Since then, it has been consistently active. The massive mountain towers 2,460 meters above its surroundings on lava-scarred slopes that are home to four volcanic craters.

Mount Sinabung is a great place to go hiking when it isn’t spewing gigantic columns of smoke and ash into the air, which is unfortunately rather often.

6. Krakatoa

Anak Krakatau Volcano Eruption

Immerse yourself in the intensity of Anak Krakatau’s volcanic eruption, an iconic landmark of Indonesia. Image source: Belikova Oksana/Shutterstock.com

Krakatoa, a small island home to a world-famous volcano, can be found between the much larger islands of Java and Sumatra. Its massive eruption in 1883 caused seismic waves and tsunamis, killed numerous people, and chilled the Earth’s temperature, giving the volcano worldwide notoriety. Not only did it transform the volcanic island chain encircling Krakatoa into the caldera we see today, but it also destroyed the island itself.

Despite being much smaller than it once was, Krakatoa is nevertheless an impressive sight against the glistening backdrop of the Sundra Strait. The lower slopes of the volcano are now a popular hiking and snorkeling destination, and the surrounding waters are a famous tourist destination due to the abundance of marine life and the beautiful coral gardens.

5. Mount Rinjani

Rinjani Volcano, Lombok Island

Explore the rugged beauty of Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island, Indonesia. Image source: K_Boonnitrod/Shutterstock.com

Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, is located on the island of Lombok and towers above the beautiful national park of the same name. Its 3,726-meter peak appears imposing against the sky, and the panorama from the top is nothing short of breathtaking.

An abundance of hills and valleys surround the mountain, and the park’s lush forests and glittering waterfalls provide for a wonderful hiking experience. The blue crater lake of Segara Anak, surrounded by the gorgeous and remote caldera rim of the volcano, is without a doubt the centerpiece of the area’s numerous attractions.

4. Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi's Hot Lava Glide

Witness the mesmerizing sight as hot lava gracefully glides from Mount Merapi, heading towards the southwest. Image source: Gani_Prastowo/Shutterstock.com

Mount Merapi is one of the most active mountains in Indonesia, and its name means “Fire Mountain” in Javanese. The volcano is very hazardous to trek because of its frequent eruptions, lava flows, and smoke columns. The sensation of navigating the lava-scarred and burned landscapes is one that will stay with you forever.

The view from the mountain’s highest point, at an elevation of 2,910 meters, includes no fewer than five additional volcanoes. Many people still make sacrifices at the foot of Mount Merapi in honor of the spirits and gods they believe to live there.

3. Mount Agung

Mount Agung, Bali at Sunrise

Behold the enchanting view of Mount Agung, Bali, bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun, as seen from an airplane window. Image source: Putu Artana/Shutterstock.com

Mount Agung dominates the skyline of Bali and is a popular destination for visitors. The locals have always held awe and respect for the 3,031-meter-tall, conical-shaped stratovolcano, where they think their ancient ancestors and the gods themselves reside. Due to this, several religious structures, including the most revered, Pura Besakih, have been built on its slopes.

The mountain is stunning from the bottom up, but many people opt to climb it at night so they can see the sunrise from the top. Enjoying the sunrise over Bali at the end of a hard but rewarding hike is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with stunning vistas in every direction.

Mount Agung is well-known not just for its aesthetic value but also for the multiple eruptions that occurred between 2017 and 2019, which caused airline delays and cancellations and filled the air with smoke and ash. Due of its continuous activity, hiking this volcano is now prohibited. However, it can be seen from the nearby peak of Mount Batur.

2. Kelimutu

Tricolor Lake Kelimutu, Flores

Discover the captivating beauty of Tricolor Lake Kelimutu, a natural wonder that displays three different-colored lakes in Flores, Indonesia. Image source: Muhammad Nurudin/Shutterstock.com

Due to its rising popularity, it should come as no surprise that Kelimutu has three colorful crater lakes. The 1,639-meter-high volcano is the centerpiece of the stunning national park of the same name, which is known for the shimmering lakes that dot its landscape.

Many people go to see the sunrise over these three lakes because of the enchantment of their ever-changing hues set against the barren terrain surrounding them. Kelimutu, on the island of Flores, is home to several beautiful lakes that should be seen if you ever have the opportunity.

1. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Volcano, East Java

Experience the breathtaking presence of Mount Bromo, an iconic volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. Image source: WATHIT H/Shutterstock.com

Mount Bromo has a heavenly location, surrounded by other towering mountains and burning volcanoes, making it one of the most breathtaking panoramas in all of Indonesia. The mountain, which is 2,329 meters high and was named after the Hindu deity of creation, Brahma, towers above the beautiful, low-lying plain known as the “Sea of Sand.”

Mount Pananjakan, located across a sandy plain from Mount Bromo, offers the greatest view of Bromo and its beautiful background of Mount Semeru and other volcanic peaks. Mount Bromo is one of the most visited places in all of East Java, and for good reason: the sunrise over the mountain is a sight to see.

Mount Bromo is known for its beautiful crater and the breathtaking views it offers, but its surrounding national park has much more to offer.

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