Romania Travel Guide

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Despite its negative reputation as the home of Dracula and creepy castles, Romania is a fantastic travel destination. The area is beautiful to travel through, with great ancient villages and monasteries placed among contemporary cities and big mountains, and it also has its fair share of walled cathedrals and fantasy castles.

Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Romania is a gateway between Central and Eastern Europe and Southeastern Europe. It has borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Moldova. The country’s centre is dominated by the rocky Carpathians and other mountain ranges, and its southern boundary is formed by the swift-moving Danube River as it winds its way to the Black Sea. The majority of the territory consists of undulating hills, natural woods, and open plains; the shoreline is very small in comparison.

Its picturesque landscape is dotted with historic cities like Brasov, Sibiu, and Sighisoara, all of which are famous tourist destinations. In addition to the ancient cities that have been rebuilt and the busy market squares, visitors can enjoy world-class museums and stunning natural beauty.

Bucharest, the capital and biggest city of Romania, is often overlooked despite its attractive historic core, monumental monuments, and exciting nightlife. Both the city of Cluj-Napoca, known as “the heart of Transylvania,” and its coastal counterpart, Constanta, draw many tourists due to their closeness to the Black Sea and the abundance of excellent seafood restaurants found there.

Many visitors use the former as a jumping-off point to explore the area, in addition to taking in the fascinating art, architecture, and culture that can be found there. The interesting painted monasteries of Bucovina and the spectacular castles of Bran, Corvin, and Peles are just a few of the many stunning mediaeval monuments that dot Romania’s beautiful hills, woods, and plains.

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