Coffee on the Road: The Ultimate Guide to Portable Coffee Makers for Travel

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A portable coffee maker is a game-changer, whether you want something to wake you up on your way to work or want a hot cup of coffee on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere.A portable coffee maker is a must-have for people who don’t want to miss a cup of coffee no matter where they go. There are single-cup heaters and coffee makers that you can share with friends

Why should you buy a portable coffee maker?

You could go to the nearest Starbucks or other coffee shop and grab a paper cup to go. But making your own favorite hot drink is much more satisfying and saves you a lot of money.

A few things can be said about portable coffee makers:


With an automatic coffee maker, all you have to do is push a button to make a cup. Your morning cup can taste just as good on the road as it does at home.


Lattes and other fancy drinks can cost a lot. It’s nice for a treat now and then, but if you buy one every day, it can add up. If you make your own, you’ll save money right away.


A portable coffee maker is small, quiet, and easy to carry with you. It can fit in your carry-on bag and make coffee whenever you want.

Blendable To Suit Your Tastes

When you combine blends and tastes to achieve the ideal cup, you will soon be brewing like a barista after you become accustomed to operating your coffee maker.

The Many Coffee Maker Types

Since not all coffee makers are the same, there are different ways to make coffee on the go with each one.

These are the most common kinds of coffee makers:

Pour-over Coffee Makers

Pour-over coffee makers are small and light, so they might be the best choice for longer trips. Just bring a few grams of your favorite blend with you, and you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee anywhere. The only bad thing about these coffee makers is that you might have to wait a few minutes for your coffee to be ready.

French Press

A rich, robust cup of coffee is produced using French press coffee makers by completely submerging the coffee grounds in hot water to enhance the coffee’s inherent taste. Even though the coffee might be better, it takes longer to clean, and some French press coffee makers are easier to take with you than others.

Espresso Makers

A portable espresso machine can offer you strong tastes on the move if you want your coffee black. As the machine presses on the beans, the most flavor and oils come out. This is the same result as with bigger coffee machines, but the machine is small and can be taken anywhere. These models are the most expensive, but coffee experts will love them.

Things to think about when getting a portable coffee maker:


The word “portable” in the name gives away one of the most important features of a portable coffee maker: it needs to be easy to move around. Some coffee makers are much bigger and bulkier than others. Look for a coffee maker that fits your needs.

No matter what kind of coffee maker you like, it should be easy to move and not take up too much room. If not, you might as well just leave it at home.

Hot Tip: Look for lightweight materials like silicone and think about coffee makers that don’t need a lot of extra accessories.


You should be careful to get appliances and gadgets that can withstand travel since it might be hard on them. Stay away from glass coffee makers because they are fragile. Instead, choose ones made of strong materials like plastic, silicone, or even aluminum.

Brewing Time

If you have to wait the whole of your trip for your portable coffee maker to brew, it is virtually useless. If you choose a machine that makes coffee in 30 seconds to 5 minutes, you can make quick coffee on the go.

Ease of Cleaning

Coffee that is dirty is not good coffee. Think about where you’re going and how easy it will be to clean the coffee pot when you get there. If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment, you can enjoy luxuries like a hot tap and maybe even a dishwasher. But if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere, choose a coffee maker with few parts that is easy to clean.


Coffee for one? Two? Or maybe a lot more? How grumpy your fellow travelers are in the morning might depend on how big your coffee pot is. You can make coffee for as many people as you want, but keep in mind that the more coffee the machine can hold, the bigger and heavier it is likely to be.


Almost every appliance or device you bring with you will, at some point, need to be charged or need some kind of power to work. The same goes for your portable coffee maker, but you need to know how to power it before you leave.

Those that can’t be made to work just by working hard will use electricity or batteries. Before you buy, read the instructions and reviews to make sure your charging needs are right for where you’re going.

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