Get Ready to Jet-Set: How to Choose a Compact and Powerful Travel Hair Dryer

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When you are away from home, style on the go can be hit or miss, from weak hotel hair dryers to letting your hair air dry in the open air. Don’t let bad hair days ruin your vacation. Instead, buy a modern travel hair dryer, and you’ll be surprised at how good they are.

How to Choose a Good Travel Hair Dryer

Ionic technology, several heat and speed settings, and even a cool shot button to fix your style are all available in small, compact appliances that won’t take up much space in your luggage. Check out these important details when choosing a travel hair dryer.

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Your standard home hair dryer may not function when you take it abroad since various nations have different kinds of energy. Using a dryer with the wrong type of voltage can lead to blown fuses and broken dryers that can’t be fixed, and in some cases, it could even cause you and your hair serious harm.

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If you buy a travel hair dryer that works on both 110V and 220V, you can dry and style your hair anywhere in the world, as well as at home.

Dual-voltage dryers can be set to 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts. With two options, you can use the lower voltage in places like the U.S., while the higher voltage is more common in Europe and many other places.

Bottom Line:

Some more advanced electronics, like MacBooks and iPhones, will automatically adjust the voltage to fit your location. On the other hand, most travel hair dryers require you to change the setting by hand, if they even have this setting. Just in case, check out our guide to the best travel adapters and converters you can buy.

Size and Weight

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In the end, your travel hair dryer should give you a great blow-dry without taking up too much room in your suitcase. To do this, you should look for small, compact appliances with space-saving features like foldable handles or retractable cables.

Look for dryers that aren’t simply light enough to fit in your luggage without putting a dent in it but that aren’t also so heavy that carrying one makes your arms hurt.

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