Pack Like a Pro: How Packing Cubes Can Make Your Travel Stress-Free

by Ontravlex

More and more people are looking for ways to stay organized when they travel, so packing cubes are becoming more popular. Packing cubes can help us better organize the space inside our suitcases and kit bags. In no time, even someone who has never packed before will be a pro.

Why Packing Cubes Are a Good Idea

Packing cubes will completely change the way you pack your backpack or suitcase for the rest of your life. These little layered cubes will help you keep all of your things in neat, well-organized compartments so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

What’s more, you’ll have that little bit of additional room to carry all your essentials! Among the other benefits are:

  • It’s easier to put your clothes in a drawer.
  • Sort your clean clothes from your dirty clothes easily.
  • Clothes don’t move around while being shipped, which cuts down on the number of creases.
  • They are very cheap.

How to Choose Packing Cubes

Instead of merely being cute little packages that don’t change the way you travel, your packing cubes should be a practical addition to your luggage arsenal. When buying, think about the following:

Weight: They need to be light so that they don’t make your luggage too heavy but still help you organize your things.

Material: They should be made of strong, washable (or wipeable) material, like canvas or nylon packing cubes, so they can last on long trips and be used more than once.

Visibility: If you need to find something quickly, a color-coded or numbered system can help you even more.

Breathability: Mesh fabric is on your side. You need air to be able to move through the cubes so that dampness doesn’t settle in and cause mold to grow on your valuable things.

Tips For Using Packing Cubes

You probably just put your clothes in and zip them up, right? Even though it might seem easy to use a packing cube, there are a few things you can do to make them even better.

Use variety: Use a mix of packing cubes in different sizes and colors to make things easier to find.

Theme Your Cubes: Give each cube a theme to take your organization to the next level. You might pack your socks and underwear in your small cube while your evening clothes go in your yellow cube. There are a lot of options.

Roll Your Clothes: Some people like to fold their clothes, but most people agree that rolling them before putting them in a packing cube is the best way to go. The idea is that this will save space and keep the clothes from getting wrinkled.

Don’t Overstuff: When you’re organized, you can fit more than you think. However, you should never overstuff your cubes.

When your cubes are full, put them in your suitcase however you like. You can have fun organizing these cubes as you wish to maximize the amount of room in your luggage since the majority of them fit together like soft, filled jigsaw pieces.

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