Laos Travel Guide

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Viewpoint and landscape in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Because of its location, Laos is a wonderful country in Southeast Asia that receives few tourists. However, the country’s exquisite colonial architecture, tranquil Buddhist monasteries, and stunning mountain scenery make it well worth the trip. Hidden within its enormous swaths of pristine countryside are tranquil hill tribe settlements and relaxed cities with a rich history, culture, and tradition to explore.

At the very centre of the Indochinese Peninsula, surrounded by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, sits the sole landlocked country in the area. In addition to dense forests and rough mountains, the broad and meandering Mekong River forms part of the western border, and there are a few scattered flats and plateaus.

Vientiane is the biggest and capital city of Laos, although most tourists only use it as a jumping off point to see the rest of the country and its incredible wealth. While strolling along the river at twilight and shopping in the markets is a tranquil introduction to the nation, there are a few ancient landmarks and temples worth seeing.

Since it was formerly the kingdom’s capital, Luang Prabang draws many visitors to see its beautiful temples, restored French colonial buildings, and bustling night market. Boat trips around Si Phan Do, also known as the “4,000 islands,” and the city of Luang Namtha in the north are also very popular. Both places have beautiful scenery and great day hikes.

In addition to seeing hill tribe settlements and learning about local culture, many visitors to this tiny nation also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, riding, and kayaking over the country’s varied topography. Besides the majestic karst hills of Vang Vieng and the glistening Tad Sae Waterfalls, other must-sees are the enormous Vieng Xai Caves and the interesting Plain of Jars.

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