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Some people travel to reconnect with nature; others to immerse themselves in a new culture, and yet others to retrace their ancestors’ footsteps in an effort to better understand their own history. Just these three attractions should be enough to convince you to go to Peru. But hold on a second. In addition, Peru is known for its Pacific coastline. That’s the southern hemisphere’s deserts. Here we have the Andes, the tallest mountains on Earth. It’s the rainforest around the Amazon River. A photographer’s dream location

There’s no denying that Peruvian culture is distinct from the rest of the world. Indigenous peoples have inhabited this South American nation for millennia; for example, the Uro still construct their homes on reed mats and sail them across Lake Titicaca. Many smaller towns have vibrant markets where locals and visitors alike may barter for fruit, vegetables, and other goods and purchase unique items manufactured by the community.

Peru’s best-known archaeological sites date back to the 15th century, when the Inca Empire rose to power and began worshipping the sun. In the sixteenth century, Spanish conquistadors wiped out the Inca Empire. What little is left of these ancient structures, however, is widely regarded as some of the world’s most stunning and intriguing archaeological sites. Although Incan ruins are the most common, archaeologists have also discovered sites from other civilizations in Peru.

The Andes Mountains provide the backdrop for Peru, a country in western South America. The Amazon Basin is home to lush tropical forests, but the nation also has barren plains and stunning beaches on the Pacific coast. Lima, Peru’s capital, is a thriving metropolis with a wide variety of exciting sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences to offer its visitors, from historic buildings and monuments to cutting-edge restaurants and hotels. Arequipa, a stunning example of colonial architecture, and Iquitos, a popular starting point for excursions into the Amazon Basin, are two other major urban centers. Cusco is the jumping-off point for excursions to Machu Picchu, Peru’s most visited attraction and an impressive Inca archaeological monument.

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