South Africa Travel Guide

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Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa - Photo taken from helicopter during air tour

The Republic of South Africa spans a vast range of environments, from the icy, spiky peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains to the scorching, desolate expanse of the Kalahari Desert near the continent’s extreme southern corner. Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town are the nation’s three capitals; each is in charge of a different department. It is around the size of France and Spain combined, or nearly twice the size of Texas.

South Africa, with its roughly 53 million inhabitants and advanced infrastructure, is often regarded as the continent’s premier tourist destination. South Africa is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in exploring the African wilderness on foot, since it is home to no less than 20 national parks and game reserves.

All of the qualities that tourists look for in a holiday location may be found in South Africa, including terrific weather, a stunning landscape, wonderful beaches, contemporary lodgings, and delectable food. From off-roading on a safari to cage diving with great white sharks, the southernmost point of Africa is home to a plethora of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It would be difficult to think of another vacation spot with as many options.

The region’s cultural richness is reflected in its linguistic diversity (11 official languages) and historical depth (thousands of years of history). Whether discovering rock art painted by Hottentots or Bushman ancestors, abseiling off of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, or having a bread bowl of curry in Durban’s Indian district, the Rainbow Nation gives each tourist to South Africa a multitude of experiences that won’t soon be forgotten.

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