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Kayaks in the big lagoon with turquoise clean water, tropical forest, rocks, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

If you’re looking for a vacation spot, go no farther than the Philippines, the world’s second-largest archipelago after Indonesia. It boasts beautiful beaches and islands, as well as lush jungles, towering volcanoes, and colourful coral reefs; and it has both sleepy colonial towns and bustling megacities that showcase a diverse range of cuisines and cultural traditions.

The massive archipelago in Southeast Asia has over 7,640 islands, with just about a third of them being populated. It has the world’s fifth-longest coastline and is surrounded by the sparkling waters of the South China, Celebes, and Philippine seas. All around you will find dazzling white dunes, waving palm trees, and blue lagoons. Its two biggest and most populated islands, Luzon and Mindanao, are quite hilly and rich in biodiversity.

Although getting around Manila, the country’s bustling capital, might be a headache, it’s definitely worth it to do so due to the city’s many interesting landmarks, museums, and marketplaces. Most tourists spend a day or two in the city’s historic core and then move out to the beaches or the well-preserved colonial towns of Vigan and Zamboanga.

The Philippines is known for its stunning beaches and islands, but the country’s historic temples, mosques, and palaces are also popular tourist destinations. Boracay, with its beautiful white beaches, and El Nido, with its spectacular karst landscape and brilliant blue seas, are two of the most well-known.

The beautiful rice terraces of Banuae and the strange Chocolate Hills are two of the Philippines’ most striking natural sights. The islands of Palawan and Cebu also have a wide range of picture-perfect beaches, fun watersports, and stunning views. 

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