Rib Room Restaurant and Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

by Kasem Niran

At the top of Bangkok, on the 31st floor of the Landmark hotel, lies the Rib Room Restaurant and Bar, a popular place known for its traditional Thai food and breathtaking cityscape views.

The Landmark Hotel’s Rib Room and Bar (also known as RR & B) has been recognized by Michelin for its delightful, though somewhat offbeat, take on classic French cuisine.

The restaurant had floor-to-ceiling windows, so we could look out over the city and the crowded Nana-Sukhumvit intersection below while we dined on classic, sometimes spicy French food.

The room’s crimson and black furnishings, wood floors, and gorgeous red chandelier give it a boudoir-like air that’s reminiscent of a French salon. The players are all decked out in identical crimson uniforms. It’s efficient.

The cuisine, which consists mostly of steakhouse standards, is prepared in an open kitchen that is similarly decorated in “Ferrari” red and black and led by Executive Chef Philippe Gaudal. Wood-burning ovens and spit-roasting ovens are unusual sights in this region of the globe, yet both are on display.

Food & Drink

The sauces for the Caesar salad, the Steak Au Poivre, and the Crepe Suzette were all made in front of us, and we got to witness as a flare of flames erupted whenever alcohol was added to the mix.

As an appetizer, we dunked fresh romaine in a creamy anchovy-lime-and-garlic-infused Caesar dressing and topped it with Parmesan, croutons, and bacon for a satisfying crunch. Before our very eyes, the sauce was being prepared. We also had the “Pate en Croute” Perigord, which was filled with duck, truffle, and Foie Gras and came with handmade pickles. They were each magnificent in their own ways.

Steak au Poivre a la crème, prepared with black peppercorns and cream sauce and served at the table with a dramatic flourish, was the main course. Although the sauce had its own “look at me” character, the tenderness of the meat was the real show-stopper.

The slow-cooked chicken breast with parmesan, gnocchi, roasted baby onions, and chicken jus was the dish I went for. Both were flawlessly carried out.

Despite the fact that we began with a gin and tonic, the wine selection is rather sizable. We paired the main dishes with a bottle of 2017 Bolla Valpolicella Classico, an Italian red wine from the Veneto area.

The wine went well with the meal. Red wine is often assumed to pair best with red meat, but we found that the cherry, raspberry, and red fruit flavors in this bottle worked just as well with my chicken.

For this reason, the finale of the dinner is always the course we most eagerly anticipate. A Crepe Suzette was prepared in front of us, and we heard and saw plenty of sizzling and flames. Classically flambéed, this dessert’s bursts of zesty richness and tanginess were the perfect foil for the creamy vanilla ice cream. Excellent pair.

While the Grand Marnier Creme Brulee didn’t make quite as dramatic an appearance, its orangey, custardy, berry-filled flavor was undeniably exquisite.


A visit to the Rib Room Restaurant and Bar will transport you to a bygone age as you dine on retro fare and take in the cityscape of Bangkok at night. Put on your best attire; we’re going out for the evening.

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