Top Cities To Visit In Mexico

by Carlos Luis

Mexico’s cities are a captivating blend of colonial and modern architecture, adorned with charming plazas and inviting beaches. TOP CITIES TO VISIT IN MEXICO, Bustling streets come alive with renowned restaurants, cultural museums, vibrant nightlife, and stylish boutiques, all conveniently nestled near remarkable Mayan ruins, adding an extra layer of allure to your journey.


15. Zacatecas

View of Zacatecas, Mexico from above
Zacatecas, Mexico – View from Above. Image source:mehdi33300./

AMAZING VACATION SPOTS IN MEXICO, While the city of Zacatecas is now home to beautiful colonial architecture and a thriving economy, its silver mines were formerly the scene of horrific abuse of indigenous slaves. Visiting the city’s mines is a somber experience that serves as a reminder that the city’s splendor was achieved at a horrible cost.

The city’s location between two hills makes it a sight to see, and its gorgeous cathedral, excellent museums, and charming winding streets make it feel like you’ve stepped back in time to old Spain. The historic center has been meticulously restored and transports visitors to another era.

14. Zihuatanejo

Aerial view of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico.Image source:Demetrio Embriz ./

DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL (MEXICO), Zihuatanejo has evolved little in recent years as a result of the city’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, but it still possesses many of the same quaint characteristics of a peaceful fishing village.

There are several great hidden restaurants, bars, and cafés in its older streets, although they can become crowded with visitors (particularly when cruise ships dock). If you’re looking for a more lively ambiance, visit neighboring Ixtapa in the evening. It has beautiful beaches, a lovely waterfront along the bay, and peaceful fishermen trawling the sea.

13. Merida

The Roman Theater of Merida, Extremadura, Spain
Roman Theater of Merida, Extremadura, Spain.Image source:David Herraez Calzada./

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN MEXICO, Merida, in the Yucatan Peninsula, has been the region’s cultural capital for decades. It boasts a beautiful historic center, including magnificent museums and colonial buildings, as well as gorgeous plazas and narrow streets that make for pleasant exploration.

BEST BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL PARKS IN MEXICO, A beautiful blend of big city and provincial town, its closeness to numerous spectacular Mayan sites makes it an excellent spot from which to explore the rest of the peninsula. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the local culture at its many festivals, markets, and restaurants.

12. Tijuana

Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana's main tourist street, with the millennial arch at dusk"
Avenida Revolucion and the Millennial Arch at Dusk in Tijuana, Mexico.  Image source:Denis Kabanov./

Tijuana, Mexico, shares a border with the United States, but it is a rough and dangerous border town where you can get drunk, party until dawn, and maybe even check out the red light district.

Many tourists avoided the once-bustling city when they heard about the rising violence related to the drug war, but now many have returned since the situation is much better. In recent years, a flourishing arts and cultural scene has emerged with the development of several trendy restaurants and contemporary art galleries.

11. Acapulco

A person cliff diving into the water in Acapulco, Mexico
Cliff Diving in Acapulco, Mexico. Image source:alysta./

Historically known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” owing to its stunning location, the city today mostly caters to college students on spring break. Although it is relatively safe to visit, many visitors have avoided the area in recent years due to drug conflicts that have increased violence.

Still, Acapulco is a beautiful place to look at. Its towering cliffs give way to green hills, wide bays, and beautiful beaches, and its famous cliff divers are thrilling to watch. Acapulco is still a fun place to visit, with its charming old fort, excellent restaurants, and exciting nightlife.

10. Oaxaca

Participants at a Day of the Dead carnival in Oaxaca, Mexico
Day of the Dead Carnival in Oaxaca, Mexico. Image source:Kobby Dagan./

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s (and Central America’s) best tourist spots due to its unique blend of colonial and indigenous traditions. In a gorgeous area, the city is nestled in a magnificent valley.

The lovely plazas and splendid churches of the colonial core merge effortlessly with indigenous markets and the regional characteristics of the city. Wandering its streets is an adventure; you will pass great museums and galleries, provocative street art, pleasant cafés, and if you’re fortunate, fantastic fiestas.

9. Puebla City

A beautiful sunrise over the city of Puebla, Mexico
Sunrise over Puebla, Mexico.  Image source:Bo Arrington./

This magnificent colonial city is an incredible treat to visit. More than a thousand antique structures can be found there, including a beautiful cathedral and more than seventy old churches in the city center.

The fifth-largest city in Mexico offers a thriving arts and cultural scene, as well as some terrific nightlife to enjoy. With numerous great museums and a rich culinary heritage, Puebla City’s location amid magnificent mountainous terrain only adds to the attraction.

8. Taxco

The stunning Santa Prisca Church in Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico
Santa Prisca Church in Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico. Image source:GABRIELA JG./

Taxco is a stunning destination because of its picturesque mountain setting, charming colonial architecture, and the unique twin spires of its baroque church that rise above the city’s roofs. From Mexico City, it’s a pleasant getaway during the weekend.

Built with the riches that came from the silver mines, tourism is now the primary earner, but there are still lots of workshops where you can purchase jewelry. With a timeless vibe to it, exploring its narrow, cobblestone streets amid the old-style buildings is beautiful.

7. Guadalajara

The impressive Cathedral of the Assumption in Guadalajara, Mexico
Cathedral of the Assumption in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Image source:eskystudio./

Guadalajara, the country’s second-largest city after Mexico City, is a sprawling metropolis with a slightly more relaxed pace of life. Distinctly Mexican in character, it boasts a plethora of cultural traditions, such as the introduction of the sombrero and the birthplace of mariachi music.

The beautiful cathedral and colonial architecture of the city’s historic center are a far cry from the hipsters, fashionable shops, and throbbing nightclubs of the surrounding areas. Guadalajara is a city that is constantly evolving and modernizing, and it boasts a fantastic culinary scene to match its bustling atmosphere and abundance of parks, galleries, and theaters.

6. Puerto Vallarta

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico with the ocean and mountains in the background
Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.  Image source:Diego Grandi./

Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful sunsets, which cast a golden light on the mountains in the background and leave orange colors rippling in the water, make it a popular tourist destination.

Puerto Vallarta’s appeal stems from its seemingly endless beaches and the glistening waters that surround them. Despite being pricey and overrun with tourists, the city ‘s old colonial center is extremely charming and has a number of trendy shops and fine restaurants.

The popularity of the country’s “gay beach capital” has increased over the last several years. There are many things to do in addition to the exciting nightlife, such as going horseback riding or taking a boat trip.

5. San Miguel de Allende

Aerial view of the main square of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico with colorful buildings and a churc
Aerial view of the main square of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. Image source:Rubi Rodriguez Martinez./

San Miguel de Allende is one of Mexico’s most visited cities, and with good reason. Beautifully situated on a high slope above the Rio Laja, the city is a sight to see with its narrow, winding streets and charming colonial architecture.

San Miguel has attracted a huge international community, which contributes to the city’s global vibe thanks to its reputation as a utopia. Even if there aren’t any must-see sights, just being here is a delight in itself. No matter what you’re looking for in a city, you’ll find it in this one, from excellent restaurants to fascinating museums to relaxing hot springs.

4. Playa del Carmen

View of Playa del Carmen beach in Riviera Maya Caribbean with turquoise water and palm trees
Playa del Carmen beach in Riviera Maya Caribbean.  Image source:lunamarina./

Playa, as it’s called by locals, is a major tourist destination on the Yucatan Peninsula and a vital part of the Mayan Riviera. Its close proximity to both Cancun and Cozumel makes it a desirable vacation spot. Tourists from all over the world, including many arriving on cruise ships, flock to this trendy resort city in Mexico.

The reefs in the area are great for diving and snorkeling, and the beaches and water are a bonus. Lots of cafés, souvenir stores, and upmarket clothing boutiques can be found along and just off of Avenida 5, the town’s main street.

3. Mexico City

Interior of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
National Museum of Anthropology Interior in Mexico City.  Image source:Anton_Ivanov./

Over twenty-five million people make this enormous capital metropolis their home. Its sheer enormity is overwhelming. Even though the city seems to expand forever, the excellent public transportation system will have you zipping about in no time. It’s true that Mexico City hasn’t solved its pollution problem entirely, but it’s become much better in recent years.

You can find just about everything in a city this size. This means that certain places are bustling with activity and excitement, while others are calm and serene. Central to this cosmopolitan metropolis is some wonderful colonial architecture. In addition to contemporary architecture, there are great museums, parks, and charming old churches to explore. This city has so much to offer that one could spend their whole life just scratching the surface of it.

2. Cabo San Lucas

MEXICO CITY, MEX – OCT 27, 2016: Interior of the National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia, MNA), the largest and most visited museum in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, located at the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula, is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of exciting nightlife, picture-perfect beaches, and breathtaking sea cliffs at Land’s End.

The city’s growing popularity can be explained by the abundance of high-quality resorts located there. Natural beauty and an extraordinary variety of outdoor activities make a trip to Cabo worthwhile, even though most visitors come for the beaches and wonderful nightlife (which includes superb restaurants, thumping clubs, and vibrant bars).

Whether you want to go scuba diving or jet skiing, take a boat ride to see dolphins playing in the sea, go horseback riding among the cactus in the neighboring desert, or any combination of these, a trip to Cabo is an absolute dream.

1. Cancun

Beach in Cancun, Mexico seen from above
Aerial view of Cancun beach in Mexico.  Image source:SVongpra./

Cancun, Mexico, is a great place to have a good time because of its gorgeous location and energetic mood, thanks to its glistening turquoise waters, pearly white beaches, and amazing party scene. The concrete structures typical of the more residential areas provide a stark contrast to the luxury hotels, brilliant spas, and pricey seafood restaurants that make up the other half of this massive resort city.


The nearby beaches remain pristine and lovely, and the city itself is worth visiting for its genuine salsa clubs, laid-back beach bars, and plenty of inexpensive dining choices.

Some visitors may choose to spend their time sunbathing on the beach or at one of the resorts’ many discos, while others may be more interested in seeing the Mayan ruins and untouched jungles of neighboring Coba or farther away in Chichen Itza. If you ever need to take a vacation from Cancun, you can choose from a wide variety of wonderful day trips.

People Also Ask :

What is the nicest city in all of Mexico?

Determining the “nicest” city is subjective, but many people consider Oaxaca City to be one of the nicest cities in Mexico. It boasts a charming colonial atmosphere, rich indigenous culture, vibrant markets, and a culinary scene that showcases traditional Mexican flavors.

What is the number one city to visit in Mexico?

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is often considered the number one city to visit. It offers a captivating blend of history, art, culture, and modernity. Visitors can explore historic sites like the Zócalo, the impressive National Palace, and world-class museums.

What is the prettiest place in Mexico?

The colonial town of San Miguel de Allende is often regarded as one of the prettiest places in Mexico. Its cobblestone streets, colorful facades, well-preserved architecture, and artistic community contribute to its picturesque beauty.

What are the top three cities in Mexico?

Three of the top cities in Mexico are: Mexico City: The vibrant capital with its cultural richness, historic landmarks, and dynamic neighborhoods. Guadalajara: Known for its mariachi music, tequila, and colonial architecture, Guadalajara offers a mix of tradition and modernity. Oaxaca City: A cultural gem with its indigenous heritage, artisan markets, and culinary delights, Oaxaca is a favorite among travelers.

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  1. Visit Mexico: The official tourism website of Mexico offers information on destinations, attractions, and travel tips.

  2. Mexico Tourism Board: This website provides insights into Mexico’s diverse culture, heritage, and travel options.

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