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hidden places in vizag

Hidden Places In Vizag | Guide, Nestled along the Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam, commonly known as Vizag, is a city that unfolds its secrets slowly to those who are willing to explore beyond the well-trodden path. While this vibrant coastalmetropolis is celebrated for its iconic
beaches and bustling streets, it also harbors hidden treasures that lie quietly, waiting to be discovered.

Beyond the popular tourist spots, Vizag holds secrets that beckon the curious traveler. These hidden places are a testament to the city’s ability to surprise and captivate, offering an intimate glimpse into its lesser-explored facets. From serene hideaways to offbeat attractions, our exploration will transcend the ordinary, providing an opportunity to embrace the city’s authentic character.

Visakhapatnam, or Vizag, is a city that never ceases to amaze with its hidden treasures. Beyond the well-known tourist attractions, there are lesser-known places that offer a unique and enchanting experience. In this guide, we unveil the best-hidden places in Vizag, inviting you to explore the city’s secret gems.

Hidden Places In Vizag:

Mudasarlova Reservoir

PLACES TO VISIT IN VIZAG FOR 2 DAYS, Hidden amidst lush greenery, the Mudasarlova Reservoir is a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. This hidden oasis is perfect for a tranquil day out with its peaceful waters and scenic surroundings. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic, bird watching, or simply unwinding in nature’s embrace.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN VIZAG AT NIGHT, Located on the Beach Road, the INS Kurusura Submarine Museum is a remarkable hidden gem. This decommissioned submarine, now a museum, offers a fascinating glimpse into India’s naval history. Explore the narrow passageways, see the living quarters, and learn about life onboard a submarine.

Simhachalam Hill and Hidden Temple

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN VIZAG WITH FRIENDS, Simhachalam Hill is a hidden treasure offering panoramic views of Vizag. The hill is home to the Simhachalam Temple, a sacred place dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The temple’s serene ambiance and intricate architecture make it a unique and spiritually enriching experience.

Matsya Darshini Aquarium

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN VIZAG WITH FAMILY, Tucked away within the bustling Jagadamba Junction area, the Matsya Darshini Aquarium is a hidden gem for marine enthusiasts. It houses a diverse collection of colorful marine life, making it an educational and visually captivating experience for both kids and adults.

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Located a short drive from Vizag, Bheemunipatnam Beach is a tranquil escape from the city’s crowds. Its pristine shores, swaying palms, and historical ruins provide an idyllic setting for a quiet day by the sea. The beach’s rich history adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Kondakarla Ava

Kondakarla Ava, a serene freshwater lake, is a hidden gem for nature lovers. Surrounded by lush greenery, this place is perfect for bird watching, boating, and enjoying the calm waters. It’s a haven for migratory birds, making it a delightful spot for photography.

Ryali Beach and Temple

Ryali, a coastal village near Vizag, remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. The Ryali Beach offers a peaceful retreat, while the village is known for its unique temple dedicated to Lord Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy. The temple’s exquisite architecture and serene surroundings make it a hidden spiritual gem.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary 

For an offbeat wildlife experience, explore the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary. Hidden within the city’s boundaries, it’s home to diverse flora and fauna. Embark on nature trails, spot wildlife, and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this lesser-known sanctuary.

Borra Caves Light and Sound Show 

While Borra Caves themselves are not exactly hidden, the Borra Caves Light and Sound Show is a lesser-known attraction. Experience the caves in a new light as the show narrates their history and geological significance, adding depth to your cave exploration.

Vizag Fishing Harbour 

Visit the Vizag Fishing Harbour, a lesser-explored spot, where you can watch local fishermen in action, see a wide variety of fish, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the harbor. It’s an authentic glimpse into the city’s maritime life.

As you venture off the beaten path, you’ll not only discover the city’s lesser-known facets but also create memories that will remain etched in your heart. So, embark on this journey of exploration and let Vizag’s hidden treasures enchant you.

Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach is a serene, lesser-known beach where you can enjoy tranquility and clear waters. It’s an excellent spot for a peaceful getaway.

Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint 

This viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal, with a unique rock formation that resembles a dolphin’s nose. The site is easily accessible by road.

Mudasarlova Reservoir 

For a peaceful day amid nature, visit Mudarsarlova Reservoir. It’s a hidden gem, perfect for picnics, birdwatching, and boating.

Bheemunipatnam Beach 

Also known as Bheemili Beach, this is a quiet escape from the city. Tourist Places Near Vizag Within 100 Kms, Explore historical ruins, enjoy the sandy shores, and embrace the tranquil ambiance.

Lawson’s Bay Beach 

Lawson’s Bay is known for its calm waters, making it a safe place for swimming and water sports. It’s a favorite spot among locals for a relaxing day by the sea.

These attractions near Vizag, all within 100 kilometers, offer a diverse range of experiences, from natural beauty to cultural immersion.

Mangamaripeta Beac

Mangamaripeta Beach, also known as Red Sand Beach, is famed for its unique red-hued sands. It’s a serene spot, perfect for a relaxing day by the sea, and offers picturesque views.


Our journey through the hidden places of Vizag has come to an end, but the memories and discoveries will linger long after we’ve left. In this pursuit of the lesser-known, we’ve uncovered the city’s quiet charisma, where serenity meets curiosity, and tradition blends with innovation.

From the mystical beauty of Mudasarlova Reservoir to the enigmatic echoes of Bheemunipatnam Beach, each hidden gem has added a layer of intrigue and enchantment to our Vizag experience. We’ve ventured into the depths of the INS Kurusura Submarine Museum and marveled at the historical significance that lies beneath the surface.

People Also Ask :

How many days are sufficient for Vizag tour?

A 3 to 4-day trip is recommended to explore Vizag and its nearby attractions thoroughly.

Is Lambasingi worth visiting?

Yes, Lambasingi, often called the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh,” is worth visiting for its serene landscapes and cool climate.

How many tourist places are there in Vizag?

Vizag offers numerous tourist places, including beaches, museums, parks, and scenic viewpoints, making it a versatile destination for travelers.

Which month is best for Vizag?

October to March is the best time to visit Vizag due to pleasant weather and favorable conditions for outdoor activities.

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