11 Most Beautiful Regions in Switzerland

by Benjamin Nico
Beautiful view of Locarno town on the shore of Lake Maggiore in Ticino, Switzerland

In a country with a wide diversity of climates and landscapes, Switzerland’s most iconic peak is the 4,478-meter-tall Matterhorn. The Swiss Plateau, the country’s most populated region, is characterized by gently undulating terrain, broad meadows, and expansive forests that stand in sharp contrast to the country’s more mountainous and rocky eastern and southern parts.

Switzerland has approximately 1500 lakes, including Lake Geneva, Lake Constance, and Lake Maggiore, but the Swiss Alps and Jura Mountains get all the attention. Because of the country’s four official languages—French, German, Italian, and, in the case of Graubünden, Romansch—each area has its own distinct character.

11.Lake Geneva Region

Lake Geneva in Montreux region

A stunning view of Lake Geneva in the Montreux region of Switzerland. Image source: ExFisherman/Shutterstock.com

Geneva has a plethora of wonderful attractions, like the world-famous Jet d’Eau and the marvelous Old Town, but the remainder of the Lake Geneva Region is filled to the brim with stunning natural scenery that you should see if you get the chance.

Partially bordered by France, the region’s three most interesting cities are all French-speaking and situated on the banks of the beautiful Lake Geneva: Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux. This allows you to soak in the breathtaking landscape as you sail from one end to the other and then stop to enjoy the various attractions at either end of the lake.

The Lake Geneva Region is a must-see for any visitor to Switzerland, whether they are interested in taking in the breathtaking views from the top of Mont Saleve, hiking the fantastic trails and paths that weave their way around the mountains in Hauts-de-Montreux, or checking out the vineyards and wineries in the Lausanne area.

10.Jura Region

Scenic view on Jura Mountains in Switzerland

Scenic view on Jura Mountains summer green landscape in Switzerland. Image source: SaskiaAcht/Shutterstock.com

The Jura Region, in the country’s northwest, has a broad range of topographical features, from mountains and valleys to lakes and flower-filled meadows.

One of the best places to visit is the Three-Lakes region, which has vineyards, forests, and rolling hills excellent for hiking or a relaxing boat ride on one of the three lakes (Biel, Murten, or Neuchatel). Climbing to the peak of the Chasseral, the highest point in the vicinity, will reward you with breathtaking vistas of the landscape.

The Jura Region is also worth exploring because of the beautiful landscape and the many picturesque and historic towns found there. Some examples include Solothurn, Estavayer-le-Lac, and Biel.

9.Bernese Lowlands

Tourist alpine village in deep valley

Beautiful tourist alpine village in the spectacular deep valley. Image source: Gaspar Janos/Shutterstock.com

The Bernese Lowlands, sometimes called the Swiss Mittelland, span across the center of the Swiss Plateau and are characterized by rolling hills, verdant meadows, and patches of forest.

Bern, the country’s capital, has a spectacular old town that draws many visitors, but there are also many beautiful spa towns, such as Baden and Schinznach-Bad, and pleasant small rural villages and communities to explore in the area.

Bern is an excellent starting point for seeing the Swiss countryside outside of the Swiss Plateau, which is the country’s most densely inhabited area.

8.Bernese Oberland

Cozy wooden lodges in Wengen mountain resort

Cozy wooden lodges with amazing views from the Wengen mountain resort. Image source: Gaspar Janos/Shutterstock.com

Some of Switzerland’s highest and most well-known mountains can be found in the Bernese Highlands, an area that stands in stark contrast to the Bernese Lowlands.

The area is characterized by high mountains and alpine valleys, as well as a number of lovely lakes and glaciers. As a result, outdoor pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, and skiing are very popular here.

Tourists will be in awe of the incredible landscapes they encounter throughout Switzerland, whether they go to the peak of the towering Jungfraujoch to take in the most breathtaking view imaginable, to the picturesque mountain towns of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, or to Interlaken, which is bordered by two beautiful alpine lakes.

7-Northwestern Switzerland

Rhine River and Munster Cathedral in Basel

Sun haze view of Rhine River and Munster Cathedral in Basel. Image source: xbrchx/Shutterstock.com

Basel, the largest city in Northwestern Switzerland, is situated on the Rhine River and has a border with both France and Germany. The city’s medieval old town center is a must-see, as are its numerous museums, modern buildings, and historic sites. It’s also a great jumping-off point for trips to the nearby Jura Mountains, the Black Forest of Germany, and the Alsace region of France.

The lovely Rhine River flows through the city, passing the medieval city of Aargau, the birthplace of the Hapsburg dynasty, and the quaint towns of Laufenburg and Rheinfelden to the east.

Visit magnificent castles like Wildegg and Lenzburg and wander through quaint villages as you travel across Northwestern Switzerland’s beautiful landscape.

6.Central Switzerland

Village in Alps near Vitznau

A beautiful view of a village in the Alps near Vitznau, Switzerland. Image source: Pani Garmyder/Shutterstock.com

Some of Switzerland’s most stunning landmarks can be found in Central Switzerland, which is located exactly at the country’s center and is often considered to be the birthplace of the nation.

Located on a lovely lake with the same name, Lucerne is a famous tourist destination. From the city, hikers can access a variety of spectacular mountains, including Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi, and Mount Titlis, all of which provide breathtaking panoramas.

The rugged mountains and alpine valleys make this region a hiker’s and boater’s paradise, and the area is a haven for those who appreciate nature.


Aerial view of Zurich City center with Fraumunster Church

Aerial view of historic Zurich City center with the famous Fraumunster Church and river Limmat at Lake Zurich. Image source: canadastock/Shutterstock.com

The Zurich area, which includes Switzerland’s main city and the surrounding area, has much more to offer than simply being the country’s financial hub, and it’s well worth spending a few days there discovering everything it has to offer.

There’s much to do and see in Zurich, and the city’s lakefront is beautiful, but it doesn’t take long to go to the countryside, where you can go mountain biking or hiking in the surrounding Alps or take a boat out on Lake Zurich.

Rapperswil, on the other side of the lake, is a charming medieval town that, like Zug and the nearby ski resort of Flumserberg, is well worth a visit.

4.Eastern Switzerland

Village in Appenzellerland, Trogen

Beautiful view of a village in Appenzellerland, Trogen, Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland. Image source: Conny Pokorny/Shutterstock.com

Eastern Switzerland, which spans from Lake Constance in the north to the Alps in the south, is a beautiful region with a wide variety of scenery to enjoy at any time of year.

In the summer, you can go hiking or cycling through the alpine meadows, and in the winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding because of the beautiful landscape. True, the scenery is almost always breathtaking, with picturesque alpine villages hidden among the Appenzell Alps and valleys.

Eastern Switzerland is known for its abundance of outdoor activities and natural scenery, but the city of Saint Gallen also has many great old buildings, fascinating museums, and the world-famous Abbey of Saint Gall, which is home to a superb library.


Beautiful view of wild landscape in Val d'Herens, Valais, Switzerland

the rugged beauty of the Val d’Herens in Valais, Switzerland. Image source: schame/Shutterstock.com

The Valais area is located in southern Switzerland, close to the borders with France and Italy. It is centered on a long, narrow valley that follows the Rhone River as it winds its way through the Swiss Alps.

Valais has some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking landscapes, including pristine glaciers, jagged peaks, and deep valleys, making it a popular destination for tourists year-round.

As one of the highest peaks in the Alps, the Matterhorn is a popular destination for mountaineers, hikers, and skiers who embark from the picturesque resort of Zermatt at its foot.


Red train passing above the Landwasser Viaduct bridge in Graubünden, Switzerland

a red train passing over the Landwasser Viaduct bridge in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Image source: yalcins/Shutterstock.com

In spite of its size, Graubünden is the least populous of Switzerland’s cantons; therefore, the region’s abundant natural beauty has been largely preserved.

Even though St. Moritz and Davos, two of the world’s most elite ski resorts, offer breathtaking snow-capped mountain views just outside their doors, there are many other, less well-known locations that are just as beautiful.

For example, the wild and free Swiss Natural Park offers a multitude of meandering trails and pathways for you to make your way through, and the valley of Engadine is fantastic to explore with its magnificent river, forests, and meadows. You can’t go wrong with a visit to Graubünden since the view is unparalleled.


Beautiful view of Locarno town on the shore of Lake Maggiore in Ticino, Switzerland

the beauty of Locarno, a town on the shore of Lake Maggiore in Ticino, Switzerland. Image source: saiko3p/Shutterstock.com

Ticino is the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, and its various villages and towns reflect that fact, as well as its location in the south of the country near Italy’s border.

This is especially evident in the city of Lugano, which sits on the eponymous lake and is surrounded by two mountains, the Monte Bre and the Monte San Salvatore, both of which are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and provide breathtaking vistas from their peaks.

Apart from its most famous attraction, Ticino is home to the historic city of Bellinzona and some of Switzerland’s most beautiful hiking trails, including the crest that runs from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema and the Verzasca Valley.

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