6 Spookiest Attractions In France

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The allure of France’s coastlines has long been recognized for its beauty. Paris, with its famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, is a must-see for tourists from all over the world. Both the landscapes and the wine of France are well-known for their excellence across the globe. There are many places to travel to if you’re interested in these activities, but keep in mind that every nation has its own weird side. Some of France’s most well-known tourist destinations are also among the country’s oddest. If you’re in the mood for something a bit out of the ordinary, look into some of France’s most haunted landmarks.

6. Gardens of Versailles

A view of the beautiful gardens surrounding the Versailles Palace in France. Image source: PhotoFires/Shutterstock.com

Marie Antoinette, the French monarch who lost her head during the Revolution, is a household name. She has been remembered as a tragic victim of her era for quite some time now in both popular culture and history. There was no fault of her own; she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many sightings of Marie’s ghost have been reported in the gardens near the Château, attracting history fans and ghost enthusiasts who hope to catch a glimpse of the elusive beauty.

5. Chateau de Versailles

A view of the beautiful golden gate of the Versailles Palace in France. Image source: Gilmanshin/Shutterstock.com

The Château de Versailles is often regarded as one of the most haunted locations in all of France, although this is not the case for every creepy location. The region around the Palace of Versailles is infamous for its history of spectral sightings. Although this is not the best place to go if you’re hoping to encounter ghosts, it is a lovely spot for anybody interested in experiencing the local culture.

4. Basilica du Bois-Chenu

A view of the beautiful Basilica of the Bois Chenu in Domremy la Pucelle, France. Image source: LACROIX CHRISTINE/Shutterstock.com

Domremy la Pucelle, Vosges/France – 06/26/2018 : Basilica of the Bois Chenu in Domremy la Pucelle

Located in the town of Domremy, France, the Basilica of Sainte-Joan-de-Arc in Le Bois-Chenu is a church built in honor of the political and military figure Joan of Arc, who is most remembered for her resistance to the English. During a conflict with the English, she rallied the nation around a cause: retaking land that had been lost. Her magical combat skills led to her eventual execution by burning at the stake. As a result of the accusations of witchcraft, she was executed by fire. It’s only natural that multiple ghost sightings have been claimed in this church, which is situated near her hometown of Domremy, France. People have been coming here, hoping to get a glimpse of the supernatural, since at least the turn of the century.

3. Mont St. Michel

A stunning view of the iconic Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France. Image source: ventdusud/Shutterstock.com

St. Michel’s Abbey exemplifies the best of medieval architecture and has a haunting ambience. Anyone interested in history or architecture would appreciate this remarkable attraction, not just those who seek ghosts.

2. Brissac Castle

A view of the beautiful Brissac Castle in France. Image source: Oleg Bakhirev/Shutterstock.com

The Brissac Castle was constructed in the Loire Valley of France during the 17th century. Paranormal investigators and those fascinated by the country’s eerie past flock here. The locals believe that in addition to being stocked with priceless antiques, tapestries, and works of art, this location is also haunted by a number of specters. The locals have avoided the area for years due to paranormal fears, but tourists may still enjoy excursions at any time. If you’re looking for an ancient castle that will send chills up your spine, you may want to check out Brissac Castle, which has a well-deserved reputation for its haunting atmosphere.

1. Catacombs of Paris

A view of the underground catacombs of Paris. Image source: Skreidzeleu/Shutterstock.com

During the middle of the 1700s, France was one of the world’s most significant economic and political hubs. A lack of cemetery space was a direct result of Paris’s rapid growth. Travelers interested in spooky historical sites should definitely check out the Catacombs. As the “kingdom of the dead,” the Catacombs of Paris are a massive underground system of tunnels and underground pathways. The whole underground system was excavated for one purpose: to hold the bones of the millions who had died. In the Catacombs, the dead were buried along the walls of the passageways. Even though it’s eerie, tours of the cemetery, where millions of souls are buried, are offered every day.

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