7 Most Beautiful Regions in Turkey

by Emir Murat
Bosphorus Strait enters Black Sea

The Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles divide the Asian portion of Turkey from the European portion of the Balkan Peninsula, which makes up the remaining three percent of the country.

Turkey boasts a stunning coastline throughout the Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean sea. The interior is a mountainous and plateau-filled area that is also traversed by the Euphrates, Tigris, and Aras rivers.

As a result of the numerous different cultures and empires that have reigned over its territory throughout the centuries, the country is rich in historical and cultural treasures, including many spectacular archaeological sites and ruins.


Topkapi Palace and Marmara Sea

A beautiful view of Topkapi Palace with the Marmara Sea in the background in Istanbul, Turkey. Image source: CeltStudio/Shutterstock.com

Marmara, named after the sea that gives it its name, is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Istanbul, a global metropolis that spans both banks of the Bosphorus, is a prime example of this. The city has been governed by the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans due to its strategic position. One might spend a lifetime examining the numerous spectacular structures, historic buildings, and rich cultural legacies that each great civilization has left behind.

Unfortunately, most tourists only visit Istanbul, so they miss out on the remainder of Marmara, which includes the low-lying plains of Eastern Thrace on the European side and Turkey’s most populous area in the east, which is a bit more mountainous. However, both Edirne and Bursa offer visitors a wealth of fascinating historical attractions. Yalova is located amid stunning mountains, and the area is peppered with natural hot springs and glistening waterfalls.

The World War I monuments and battlefields at Gallipoli, the ruins of Troy, and towering Mount Uludag are among the must-sees when in Turkey. The islands of Marmara, including Gokceada and Bozcaada, are stunning, and the former is an excellent place to go hiking or skiing.

6.Aegean Turkey

Yachts in a Bodrum harbor

A scenic view of yachts in a Bodrum harbor in Turkey. Image source: Repina Valeriya/Shutterstock.com

This spectacular area, which includes the whole western coast of Turkey along the Aegean Sea, is a pleasure to visit for its abundance of varied scenery. Its magnificent coastline is flanked by warm, welcoming waves that glisten in the sun, while its mountainous interior is full of lush valleys and attractive villages. A wild and desolate stretch of stunningly magnificent shoreline can be found in Dilek Peninsula National Park.

Izmir, Bodrum, and Kusadasi are just a few of the many excellent cities and coastal towns in the area, and they’re all worth a visit for different reasons.

In addition to its stunning coastline and wide variety of watersports, the Aegean region of Turkey is also home to some of the country’s most remarkable archaeological sites and ancient city ruins, including Aphrodisias, Ephesus, and Sardis, as well as Pergamon and Assos. Pamukkale is another well-known destination in the area, drawing many people for its hot springs and brilliant white travertines.

5.Mediterranean Turkey

Kizil Kule or Red Tower in Alanya

A panoramic view of the Kizil Kule or Red Tower and port in Alanya city, Antalya Province, Turkey. Image source: saiko3p/Shutterstock.com

Situated in southwestern Turkey, beside the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful location has it all. Among its numerous settings, you will find dramatic mountain vistas next to crystal-clear waters, historical ruins, bustling cities, and lovely villages.

While Antalya, the region’s capital, is the most well-known city, the whole Turkish Riviera is worth visiting for its breathtaking scenery; cities like Fethiye, Side, Kas, and Marmaris provide stunning shorelines, fascinating cultural attractions, and exciting water sports.

A wonderful, unspoiled environment abounds in this area, which is tucked away between the majestic Taurus Mountains and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. The “Blue Lagoon” of Oludeniz and the whimsically titled Butterfly Valley are two must-sees. Anemurium, Xanthos, and Letoon are also noteworthy for their ancient remains.

4.Central Anatolia

Cappadocia landscape at sunset

A breathtaking view of the Cappadocia landscape during a beautiful sunset in Turkey. Image source: travelwild/Shutterstock.com

Central Anatolia is a huge area in the middle of Turkey that includes the capital and second-largest city, Ankara. The vast majority of its territory consists of barren steppe.

Given the area’s long history as a cultural crossroads, it is replete with spectacular monuments and archaeological sites from the many diverse cultures that have called it home. The great poet Rumi is buried in a mausoleum at Konya; the Great Mosque of Divrigi is a sight to see; and the hilltop citadel of Afyonkarahisar is a sight to behold.

Cappadocia is the most well-known tourist destination in Central Anatolia, although both Aizanoi and Catalhoyuk have their share of remarkable ancient sites as well. Amazing underground cities, so-called “fairy chimneys,” and, of course, balloon flights over the breathtaking scenery make this a really enchanted destination.

3.Eastern Anatolia

Akdamar Island in Van Lake

A beautiful view of Akdamar Island in Van Lake in Turkey. Image source: WitR/Shutterstock.com

Eastern Anatolia, which comprises the country’s mountainous eastern regions, is abundant with stunning scenery, including lonely plateaus and steep valleys between its towering peaks and old castles, churches, and monasteries tucked away amid its harsh, uninviting landscape.

Many of its structures and archaeological sites date back to the neighboring Armenian and Georgian cultures. Many residents in the southeast and around the massive Lake Van speak Kurdish.

Eastern Anatolia is home to several fascinating destinations outside the region’s major city, Erzerum. Natural beauty and rich history abound in the areas of both Elazig and Darende. Nemrut Dagi and Mount Ararat are two of the most well-known destinations in the area for anyone looking to go out into the wilderness and enjoy some exercise.

2.Southeastern Anatolia

Old Mardin city in Turkey

A panoramic view of the historic city of Mardin in southeastern Turkey. Image source: environmentalistt/Shutterstock.com

Located on Turkey’s southeast border with Syria and Iraq, Southeastern Anatolia is a low-lying, flat area characterized by vast, featureless plains and steppes broken up only by the meandering Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Diyarbakir’s ancient town, which is still inside the city walls, is a major attraction. A trip to Urfa, where the world’s oldest temple, Gobekli Tepe, can be found, is a must. But so is a trip to Madrin, a magnificent hilltop city with its own share of spectacular architectural and historical monuments.

Tourists rarely go to this part of Turkey, but they’d be missing out if they didn’t. The area is home to a rich cultural heritage and a wide variety of people and languages. To say the least, this region of Turkey is rich with adventure potential.

1.Black Sea Turkey

Bosphorus Strait enters Black Sea

A stunning view of the Bosphorus Strait as it enters the Black Sea in Turkey. Image source: Artur Bogacki/Shutterstock.com

Black Sea Turkey, which is quite hilly and full of stunning forests, valleys, alpine meadows, and more, is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, as it has the best of both worlds: majestic mountains and a glistening sea.

There are beautiful mountain villages like Abant, Ayder, and Sumela, with breathtaking glaciers and glacier lakes, all high up in the mountains. If you like being outside, you will be delighted to learn that there are several hiking and climbing opportunities available here.

Along the rocky shore of the Black Sea are a number of cities and coastal resorts, the best of which are Amasya, Safranbolu, and Sinop. Explore historic rock-cut monuments, including tombs, monasteries, and fortresses, and let yourself be swept away in the past.

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