Q&A: What should I do if I have lost or found property on holiday

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Losing or forgetting anything valuable while traveling may add further stress to an already difficult situation. Even if you have travel insurance and can file a claim for a lost item, you might find it more worthwhile to try to get it back if doing so would provide you some kind of satisfaction, whether it be emotional or financial.

Check the MissingX lost and found cloud-based platform before bringing a discovered item to the police station or asking neighbors. Since its inception, it has reclaimed over 1.6 million objects for its rightful owners, making it the biggest of its kind in the world.

Whether you’ve misplaced anything or are curious if your own item has been turned in, utilize the free and straightforward MissingX platform to accomplish either.

Executive Director of MissingX, Ole-Ray Grodset, said:

We’re here to lend a hand at that terrifying moment when you realize you’ve lost something. With the goal of achieving a return rate of close to 100 percent, we want to be the biggest and most effective service that meets the needs of our clients and consumers.

Searches, registrations, and claims for lost or recovered items, as well as reports to the police, are all provided at no cost to the public.


How MissingX works

When you lose anything, the first thing you should do is report it as missing on the MissingX website. To report a missing item, just use the red “Lost Something?” button and follow the on-screen prompts.

You may increase your chances of finding a match and proving ownership by recording as much information as possible about the item, including its color, manufacturer, and serial number. Include information like your seat number, plane number, or train time if you suspect you may have left it on a plane or train.

If you have lost anything, you can search the site to see if anybody has reported it as found, and if they haven’t, you can provide a reward to encourage its safe return.

This method is set up so that authorities and insurance companies can positively identify you as the property owner. You’ll need to provide proof of ownership by providing images and a detailed description of the item or its contents.

You may also pre-register things (from £9.99 per year for 5 items) to increase your chances of getting them back if you lose them.

Make sure to call your travel insurance company if you lose anything of value while away. Perhaps you should contact the authorities if you think the item has been stolen (especially if it is a high-value item like an engagement ring). A crime report number is something your travel insurance provider will need.

Register property you have found

The first thing you should do if you find an object that seems to have been abandoned is to inquire with the locals. If you lost anything at a concert, airport, or railway station, you can turn it in at the local police station.

You can also report it on the MissingX website by using the black “Found Something” button. Whether you enter the information or not, the system will verify if a comparable missing item has already been reported. If not, register the item so you know when it has been claimed.

Keep a watch out, too, for users who give compensation for returned items.

Disclaimer: This article’s sponsorship was provided by MissingX.

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