10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit

by Andrea Fernando
Historic colonial courtyard in Tarma, Peru. - 10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit

Each year, more than one million tourists flock to Machu Picchu, Peru’s most visited landmark, on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Inca city’s history and culture. 10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit, along the way, some travelers might stop at Cusco and the Sacred Valley before or after exploring the Incan ruins.

10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit

10. Huaraz

anoramic view of Huaraz city with the White Range in the background, Ancash, Peru."
Panoramic view of Huaraz city.  Image source:Christian Vinces./Shutterstock.com

DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL (MEXICO), This South American country is ideal for budget travelers and explorers because of the low cost of living. Huaraz is a well-liked destination for budget travelers in that region. The city’s location in the Andes makes it an ideal home base for summertime mountaineering, rafting, and bicycling and wintertime skiing.

One such well-liked pastime is hiking, with hikers able to choose between easy, moderate, and challenging trails. Laguna 69 is a popular climb that leads to a beautiful lake. If you do decide to engage in any adrenaline sports or go hiking in Huaraz, it’s vital to take some time to adjust to the altitude. Some individuals may have trouble adjusting to the high altitude of Huaraz, which is about 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) above sea level.

Puerto Maldonado

Great Sacred Valley of Inca in Peru, featuring ancient green agricultural terraces Andenes and the Andes mountains landscape
Great Sacred Valley of Inca in Peru.  Image source:lialina./Shutterstock.com

TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN MEXICO, There are two primary gateway cities to the Amazon in Peru: Puerto Maldonado and Iquitos. Although both cities can be accessed by air or boat, only Puerto Maldonado is accessible by automobile. When it comes to experiencing the Amazon, there is another significant distinction between the two cities. There are lodge tours and Amazon cruises available in Iquitos, but there are only lodges in Puerto Maldonado, which is close to Manu National Park, Tambopata National Reserve, and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.

While many visitors only spend a short time in Puerto Maldonado on their way to the jungle, the city is home to a number of unique attractions, such as the Obelisk, an eight-story observation tower with panoramic vistas, and Monkey Island, which is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.

8. Huanchaco

Sunset with traditional boat craft at Huanchaco town, near Trujillo, Peru
Sunset with traditional boat craft at Huanchaco town, near Trujillo, Peru.  Image source:Ludmila Ruzickova./Shutterstock.com

TOP CITIES TO VISIT IN MEXICO, This town has acquired a reputation among surfers as a wonderful place in Peru to catch a wave or two. However, it’s also notable for a few other things. For instance, some people think that ceviche, the national cuisine of Peru, originated in Huanchaco. Therefore, it is imperative that you try the regional variant of this classic Peruvian cuisine. Moreover, the magnificent pre-Columbian metropolis of Chan Chan, once the greatest in South America, can be found not far from Huanchaco. And while you’re at Huanchaco, don’t forget to snap some photos of the local fishermen in their distinctive reed boats.

10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit: Lima

Golden hour sunset over Lima, Peru's Circuito de Playas de la Costa Verde."
Golden hour sunset over Lima, Peru’s Circuito de Playas de la Costa Verde.” Image source:Allen.G./Shutterstock.com

BEST BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL PARKS IN MEXICO, Tourists tend to skip Peru’s capital city in favor of more well-known destinations like Cusco and Machu Picchu, particularly during the peak summer months of July and August, when the city is typically blanketed in chilly, dense fog. However, if you visit during the summer in the southern hemisphere, you will experience a very different side of Lima. Barranco, a district known for its artistic culture, and Miraflores, a residential area perched on cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, are just two of the many tourist-friendly areas in Lima. Lima is a culinary paradise, too. In fact, other than Tokyo, it has more restaurants on the San Pellegrino World 50 List of Best Restaurants.

6. Cotahuasi Canyon

"Old German vintage campervan on an overlooking platform in Cotahuasi Canyon, Peru, South America"
Vintage Campervan in Cotahuasi Canyon, Peru.Image source:reisegraf.ch./Shutterstock.com

The Cotahuasi River carved out the world’s deepest canyon, Cotahuasi Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. However, owing to its isolation, the Colca Canyon is usually bypassed in favor of the more easily accessible spot in the vicinity.

Hiking in this remote and beautiful location is best experienced with a guide, so keep that in mind if you decide to make the trip. You might even go rafting down the Cotahuasi River, which has Class V whitewater rapids, if you’re feeling very daring. The canyon is also home to several archaeological sites of historical significance, including Inca and pre-Inca ruins and petroglyphs.

10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit: Punta Sal

View of the Beach of Punta Sal in Mancora, Peru
Beach of Punta Sal, Mancora, Peru. Image source:Elisa Locci./Shutterstock.com

Many Limeos visit Punta Sol each winter to get away from the dreary weather in the city. Northern Peru is home to a beach resort with gorgeous golden beaches, plenty of sunshine, and pleasant temperatures. Punta Sol is a great place to go if you prefer water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, or whale watching. Of course, if you’d rather just lay around and soak up the sun, Punta Sal’s beaches are great for that, too.

4. Kuelap

Kuelap archeological site and pre-Inca fortress in Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Peru"
Kuelap Archeological Site and Pre-Inca Fortress in Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Peru. Image source:Mark Green./Shutterstock.com

The mysterious Cloud Warriors, also known as the Chachapoyas, inhabited this fortress in Peru some 800 years before the Incas were founded in the area. It was constructed sometime between the sixth and sixteenth centuries. More than four hundred constructions can be found at Kuelap, making it the biggest stone ruin site in the New World. Also, the landscape of Kuelap is littered with the bones of the dead.

Despite its incredible beauty, Kuelap’s secluded position means that only a select few tourists ever make the trip to see this ancient citadel. But the government of Peru is seeking to change that. A cable car system is now being constructed that will transport tourists to the location in under 20 minutes.

10 Underrated Peruvian Towns You Must Visit: Tarma

Historic colonial courtyard in Tarma, Peru
Historic Colonial Courtyard in Tarma, Peru.  Image source: Jess Kraft/Shutterstock.com

Need a vacation in a wonderful place that’s not yet overrun by tourists? Then you should go to Tarma, also called the Pearl of the Andes (La Perla de los Andes). While it is true that this picturesque city is located in the highlands of Peru, it is also near enough to the jungle that it is occasionally used as a base for exploring the central Amazon.

The stunning blossoms of Tarma are another source of the region’s notoriety. To see Tarma’s beautiful blooming flowers, many visitors strive to schedule their travels around the spring (remember, though, that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere). Easter is another busy travel season for Tarma. During this time, the residents cover the streets with beautiful flowery “carpets” made from petals.

2. Ayacucho

Church of the city of Huanta in Ayacucho, Peru
Church of the City of Huanta in Ayacucho, Peru.  Image source: Milton Rodriguez./Shutterstock.com

The bloody Battle of Ayacucho fought between Spanish forces and a revolutionary army that comprised warriors from Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina, and Chile, was fought in this colonial city. With this victory, the revolutionaries were able to move closer to their goal of freeing Peru from Spanish rule.

A huge number of religious celebrations and the city’s 33 ornate churches (one for each year of Jesus’ life) have made it a popular tourist destination. For Easter, for instance, the Saturday before Easter Sunday is marked with fireworks and a massive party in Ayacucho. There is also a “running of the bulls” in this often-overlooked city. Ayacucho has several attractions, so why not check them out? In and around this colonial city are a plenitude of fascinating archaeological sites.

1. Choquequirao

Choquequirao Inca city
Choquequirao Inca City.  Image source: Yuri Zvezdny./Shutterstock.com

Choquequirao, like Machu Picchu, was a significant Inca citadel. Some historians argue that the Incas ultimately had to take sanctuary there from the advancing Spanish conquistadors. Choquequirao receives roughly a tenth as many tourists as Machu Picchu every day, at about thirty. not to mention the fact that this is during the peak season alone.

What’s wrong? These ruins said to be three times the size of Machu Picchu, are hidden in a remote part of Peru, and the journey to get there is a long and arduous one.
However, the Peruvian government is constructing a cable car that will reduce the trip time from many days to only 15 minutes. Consequently, it is feasible that these remains may soon achieve the same level of fame as Machu Picchu.

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